Adding tabs to Shopify product descriptions

Updated on June 14, 2022

Tabs allow you to separate content on your product pages rather than showing customers a long page of text, give them smaller sections they can consume more easily, increasing your changes of making a sale.

Choose a product

  1. Find your product in the app, select it
  2. Hit the “Add content tab” button at the bottom of the page Choose a product
  3. Fill out a title for the tab, an icon, and the content Choose a product
  4. Hit the “Save draft” button to save the changes in a unpublished state
  5. Preview the changes in your theme by hitting the “Preview in theme button” Choose a product
  6. Once you’re ready to go live with the changes, hit the Publish button

Set the tab style

Tabs can be either the traditional horizontal style or a vertical (accordion) style and can be configured in the visual theme editor

Choose a product Choose a product Choose a product

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